Process Systems Associate

Company Name The BioProcess Institute
Location North Kingstown
Date Posted April 5, 2021
Job Type Full-time


The BioProcess Institute is looking for a skilled Process Systems Associate to undertake a variety of testing, engineering and support tasks in North Kingstown, RI. You will be an integral part in ensuring that this Engineering and Testing company’s operations run smoothly, and are successful in supporting our clients navigate the complex world of bioprocessing, to ultimately help them deliver better and safer therapeutics.

An excellent process systems associate is, above all, an organized and competent professional with exceptional laboratory, engineering, experimentation and communication skills. You will be comfortable dealing with people, able to carry out assignments with accuracy and efficiency, able to understand complex technical topics, and be willing to support technical staff where needed.

The goal is to ensure that testing and data analysis operations are efficient and add maximum value to the organization.


  1. Hands on performance of process engineering experiments-Conduct experiments to simulate BioProcesses and evaluate BioProcess component’s performance. Processes include pressurized systems (Steam, Hydraulic, Pneumatic, Chemicals)
    1. Process Equipment Set-up-Hands on precision assembly of mechanical and instrumentation systems to detailed specifications in order to deliver proper process performance.
    2. Process Equipment Operation-Hands-on operation of computer controlled and manual systems. Verification of proper system function including basic piping and instrumentation troubleshooting, including hand calibrations and electronic verifications.
    3. Aseptic Process Equipment Operation and Testing-Hands on operation of aseptic Single-Use process equipment, including operation in a Biological Safety Cabinet.
    4. Precision Physical Measurements with calibrated instruments and tools.
    5. Laboratory Experiments-Hands-on chemical and batching experiments and testing, including routine wet chemistry tests.
    6. Monitoring of Data and Observations, recording of results, including photography, video and microscopes.
    7. Data Summary and Review, including summary of experimental data, including tables and graphing in Excel.
    8. Generation of experimental conclusions for review with internal staff, and sometimes external stakeholders.
    9. Assisting with the generation and review of formal experimental reports.
  2. Equipment and Facility Maintenance-Ensure the equipment is in working order for experiments.
    1. Daily Logs
    2. Routine Maintenance
    3. Instrument Calibration
    4. Service Coordination


  1. Education-
    1. High School Degree or GED,
    2. College Degree, Military Experience or Technical Trade School is preferred.
  2. Experience with Process Systems-Candidates must have experience with Steam, Hydraulic and Process Instrumentation. BioProcess and Chemical Experience is preferred.
  3. Hands on Mechanical Ability-Candidates must have hands-on mechanical experience and proficiency with tools. Some light lifting may be required.
  4. Laboratory Experience-Candidates must have instrumentation experience, and proficiency with basic chemistry, test analysis and execution of Standard Operating Procedures.
  5. Organization Skills-A demonstrated ability to organize work and summarize results to deliver timely accurate results.
  6. Microsoft Office Proficiency-Candidates must be able to enter data into Excel and perform routine data summary operations, transfer the charts and graphs into word and PowerPoint.


  1. This is a FULL TIME Assignment. Flexible hours are available for the right candidate, starting at half days or 2-3 days per week, average with some weeks more and some weeks less. It is perfect for someone to pick up more hours, parent returning to work during school hours, a semi-retired person who wants time for hobbies, etc., or a part time student. Please make sure you can work at least 20 hours a week.
  2. This is a key position in a small operation with an opportunity to help the business grow. As it grows, this position’s role can evolve accordingly, and provide opportunity.
  3. This position will provide an opportunity to learn and become proficient with BioProcess Technology. You will work with an industry expert, and get exposure with many of the top companies in and providing components to the BioPharmaceutical Industry.
  4. Experience with this position will provide you with skills to help qualify you for positions in the desirable BioPharmaceutical Field.

Interested candidates can email their resume/cover letter to: