Class "A" Mechanic

Company Name Senesco Marine
Location North Kingstown
Date Posted November 5, 2020
Job Type Full-time


A Class “A” mechanic must be able to perform intermediate to advanced diagnostics and repairs on both heavy and light duty equipment, including but not limited to diesel, gasoline, and electric powered vehicles, forklifts, or other equipment as directed by the facility manager.  He/she must comply with all safety procedures and guidelines, and comply with all company issued policies, procedures, rules and regulations.  He/she must also have excellent work ethic including excellent attendance, punctually, and the desire to complete designated work in a timely fashion.


    • Must have at least 7 years experience in heavy duty brakes, suspension, driveline, planetary reduction units and transmission systems.
    • Must be experienced with diesel, gasoline and electric motors and be knowledgeable in “cold starts” and “no starts”.
    • Must be experienced with carburetors, engine fuel injection systems, glow plugs, and have the ability to troubleshoot problems with these systems.
    • Must be capable of intermediate tune-up and engine performance diagnostics of diesel, gasoline and electric powered equipment.
    • Must be knowledgeable in vehicle electrical and charging, starting, lighting, and accessory systems, and have the ability to diagnose problems and repair defects.
    • Must have the knowledge to troubleshoot electrical shorts, voltage drops, and defective components in 6, 12, 24, 36, and 48 volt systems.
    • Must have 2 years experience with cranes, fork lifts, aerial lifts, and compressors.
    • Must have a complete understanding of both parallel, series and parallel-series electrical circuits.
    • Must be knowledgeable in hydraulic systems, and have the ability to repack cylinders and perform general diagnostics and repair.
    • Must be knowledgeable in general pneumatics, and have the ability to diagnose and repair compressors, governors, valves, controls, and air tanks.
    • Must be capable of performing basic body work, including but not limited to accurate panel alignment, metal work, and painting.
    • Must be capable of performing thorough equipment inspections, and identifying potential problems that would cause equipment failure.
    • Must be capable of performing PM’s (preventative maintenance) on all equipment, identifying problems, diagnosing their causes, and repairing the defective components or parts.
    • Must have the ability to read and understand equipment manuals, service manuals, and parts manuals and be able to perform the repair process as outlined in the manuals.
    • Must be a self starter able to perform their job duties with little or no supervision.
    • Must be able to identify and report any and all problems and discrepancies to their supervisor and request assistance if necessary.
    • Must be able to receive instructions and perform job duties in budgeted time frames.
    • Must be detail orientated and have the ability to perform quality workmanship to conform with all safety requirements of the related equipment.
    • Must have a willingness to learn new techniques.
    • Capable of assisting and teaching other class mechanics with the basic fundamentals of their position.
    • Must be able to meet the work schedule.
    • Must be able to maintain a clean work environment.
    • Must have own tools including but not limited to: a roll away box, pry bars, pullers, DVM, and other miscellaneous specialty tools to perform their duties.
    • Must wear personal protective equipment (PPE) as required by Senesco job hazard analysis.
    • Must be physically able to work in all areas of the shipyard.
    • Depending on the area of the shipyard, this job classification may require that you be certified on diesel, gasoline, or electric powered boom lifts.
    • Must complete any other task or assignment as directed by a supervisor.

Physical Demands

    • The employee must have correctable vision to 20/40, however contact lenses are not permitted in certain production area positions.
    • The employee must pass the Ishihara test for color blindness and have the ability to read and understand safety symbols and colors, (i.e. red, yellow, green, etc.).
    • The employee must pass a pulmonary function exam for positions requiring respiratory protection.
    • The employee must be able to stand, sit, walk, squat, kneel, stoop, or climb stairs or a ladder.
    • The employee must be able to perform overhead work, as necessary, with a full range of motion.
    • The employee must not be claustrophobic and may be required to work in confined spaces.
    • The employee must have the capability to maneuver through openings as small as 18 inches by 23 inches, and would need to be able to move and crawl into awkward positions.
    • The employee must be able to work in static positions for extended periods of time.
    • The employee must have good balance and the capability of standing on each foot for a period of 30 seconds or more.
    • The employee must not have a fear of heights and may be required to work in an elevated environment (which could include heights of more than 50 feet) on scaffolding, from staging, planking, or a mechanical lift.
    • The employee must be able to carry tools and or equipment to their designated work area.  They could include but are not limited to the tools associated with their trade, or others as designated by their responsibilities.  The approximate weight could be as much as 75 pounds.

Work Demands

    • The employee is required to wear personal protective equipment (PPE) including but not limited to respirator, hardhat, face shield, safety goggles, safety shoes (steel toe), safety harness, gloves or other protective clothing as determined by a Senesco Marine Job Hazard Analysis.
    • The employee must report all accidents or injuries to their supervisor and the Environmental Safety and Health Department.
    • The employee must report to their supervisor any and all damages to equipment, or broken and misused tools.
    • The employee may be working in several different areas and environments; this includes work inside and outside of buildings or structures.
    • The employee needs to work at a pace consistent with meeting company deadlines.

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