Shop Foreperson

Company Name G & G Technologies
Location Coventry
Date Posted January 12, 2021
Job Type Full-time


Job Title:                             Shop Foreperson

Reports To:                        Operations Manager

Direct Reports:                 Welder(s), Machinist(s), Electrician(s), Semi- and un-skilled Shop Personnel (full-time and temporary)

Shift:                                     First Shift, with overtime as required

Date Last Updated:         12/01/18



The Shop Foreperson will manage the production area by ensuring quality standards are adhered to, including a safe work environment; by planning and prioritizing the daily work schedules to maintain production schedules, and by meeting company business objectives such as staff utilization and efficiency.



  • Implement a staffing plan by identifying resource requirements, writing justifications for additional personnel, obtaining approval for changes, and coordinating the selection process with management
  • Work independently with little or no supervision; make independent decisions and implement them where appropriate; keep management informed
  • Coordinate extensively with operations management, engineering, and other areas within the company
  • Develop direct reports by securing appropriate training, assigning progressively challenging tasks, applying progressive disciplinary action as appropriate and conducting formal written and verbal performance reviews
  • Attend production meetings and assist in determining the final schedule
  • Coordinate shipping and receiving with appropriate tracking and disbursement of goods and documentation
  • Drive innovation and change by communicating on key business initiatives and promoting employee engagement
  • Meet quality objectives by ensuring compliance with quality protocols and systems
  • Develop and achieve production plans; proactively identify and resolve issues
  • Develop and communicate departmental goals to achieve effective performance
  • Investigate root causes of missed deliverables and shop incidents; identify and execute corrective actions by expected completion dates
  • Work closely with cross-functional groups to develop continuous improvement plans to achieve company objectives.
  • Review production schedules and identify potential roadblocks, resource constraints, material shortfalls, etc.



  • High school diploma or GED with minimum 5 years supervisory experience
  • Ability to cover day, night and weekend shifts
  • Continuous improvement experience
  • Effective listening and communication skills, with capability to vary and combine leadership/communication styles based on needs of audience
  • Ability to effectively present to larger groups clearly and professionally



  • Bachelor’s Degree
  • Experience in the Bio-Pharmaceutical field
  • Experience supervising related trades (welding, machining, electrical, etc.)
  • Analytics and planning experience